Blame it on the children. This blog was my oldest daughter, Shannon’s, idea – I think it was a passive way to keep track of me when I am off roaming about.  For many years, I have traveled across the world by myself. My hope is that this blog will inspire others to do the same. But even if you just want to follow along – feel free to pack your virtual bags and join my travels. You are more than welcome.

While in the States, I tour around the country and Canada in my 18’ T@B 400 by NüCamp. I have named her Ameli@. She has solar panels so I can be off grid for extended periods and not reliant on water & electric. She offers me luxury and adventure at the same time. I love everything about this little camper.


As a Florida native who was raised by two eccentric parents, (my brother,  Matt, always compares them to Humphrey Bogart and Katherine Hepburn in The African Queen. I usually say Fred and Lilly Munster), I grew up in an environment where there was always some new adventure being planned.

That sense of adventure is part of my DNA. I love to travel – anywhere. Just like my folks – I always need to have an adventure on the horizon. Life is short – it is meant to be lived big, bold and, in color.

I have 3 wonderful all-grown-up daughters, Shannon, Jessie, and Mallory who are incredibly supportive of me and accept me for who I am. They are also used to me doing this sort of thing. So this blog is largely to keep them up on what I’m up to. All 3 of them love travel as well. I think it is also in their DNA.

I would love for you to join me in my travels – “subscribe” to the blog (just supply your e-mail) and you will get automatic updates when I post something new. I hope you enjoy coming along!

Safe travels,

The RestlessNative



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