Planning the next adventure

Six weeks from today, I leave for my next adventure in Europe. I have some things finalized: a full-day riding a Clydesdale in Cornwall, a theater performance looking out over the sea, a cooking class in Rome. Pretty good stuff. Some minor details…I haven’t booked my flight. Why? Because I am a brat and am pouting over the airfare prices! I always do a pretty comprehensive budget before I travel. I budget $1,000 for airfare. But I am always able to get a flight at around $850 if I watch and wait. Well, I’ve been watching and waiting and it’s not happening. Once I watched and waited too long and it went up and never came back down. A gamble. I may have to bite the bullet and shell out the dough – there are worse things in life.

So between now and then, I will pack and repack my carry-on suitcase to make sure I have the right clothes for all my adventures and that they all fit.



  • wayne Leaver

    It sounds like the kind of trip where you can relax or stay as busy as you want. I like the apparant flexibility. Some basic choices are made and there is still the ability to make choices each day depending on your feelings and interest. Exciting.

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