Day 8: At Sea & Day 9: Mallorca, Spain

Day 8

The only negative to “at sea” days is that everyone in on the ship. Despite that, this ship has so many venues that it is rare you really feel the crush of the crowds. Today we are still crossing the Mediterranean. I originally thought I would snag a deck chair and hang out topside all day, but it was windy and a bit too chilly. I found various nooks out of the way and spent the day reading.

Fancy Fruit

I roused myself long enough to watch the ubiquitous fruit carving demonstration. The chefs always make it look so easy.

Nemo - made with a lemon and carrot. Who knew?

In the afternoon, I dressed for dinner and spent the evening going to various music venues I had not yet stayed up late enough to enjoy. I made it to midnight! Woo hoo!

Day 9

Today is our last full day. We docked in Mallorca, Spain (sometimes spelled Majorca) at about 7:00 this morning. I took the shuttle into city center around 9:00 and it was still a bit early for things to be open.   I walked around the amazing cathedral that overlooks the sea.

Cathedral de Seu

It was begun in the mid 1200’s and took over 300 years to finish.

I found a coffee shop where local old men were drinking coffee, talking and reading the paper. Always a good sign.  I can adequately order a coffee with milk in Spanish so I sat outside with the old men and watched Palma come to life. It didn’t take long.

I walked until me feet ached then bought a ticket on the hop on/hop off tourist bus. Always a good way to get an overview. Palma is the capital of Mallorca and a bustling place. It is part of the Balearic island chain and during the time when ships meant dominance, it was a strategic military site. First established by the Romans in 128 B.C., it has since been under the rule of the Moors, then the Mallorcan kings, then Spain.  Its location in relation to North Africa made is desirable for trade as well. Now, it’s harbor is full of yachts worth millions. Really beautiful.

An ancient olive tree

Tonight, I am attending a Spanish ballet, hitting the jazz club, and whatever else hits my fancy. Tomorrow, early disembarkation and I’ll find my hotel in Barcelona.  


  • Ellen

    Hi Amanda,

    I’m so enjoying following the blog of your adventures. I’ve never been to Europe and, when reading your posts and looking at your pictures, you bring me there. I miss you much and hope that we can catch up when you return.

    Have you had any pie while you were there?

    • Amanda Evans

      Dear Ellen,
      I missed all your calls before I left and was a lousy friend and didn’t call back! Shame on me! Hope you are happy in Chicago! No pie on this trip. I’m more shy than you I’m glad you’ve been along for the ride! Miss you!

  • Smackwater

    I scooted off to Grandfather Mountain for two days, where it resembles The Scottish Highlands – lush, deep green and delightfully cool. Then I return to read of your adventures. Mallorca, Pompeii, street-side coffee, fruit carving, ballet, jazz clubs ….. Why is it that I am suddenly chewing my bottom lip with envy?!?

  • stlanyer

    Hey, you are getting around!. Seems like a neat adventure. We will have to spend a day retelling the experiences. We head to Roma tomorrow…

    • Amanda Evans

      Hola chica,
      Am in Spain now. Just when I was getting my Tarzan Italian down, I have to do Tarzan Spanish! These poor people – it must hurt their ears! I can’t find the “post comments” on your blog. You ladies are having a blast! Eager to compare notes. Wish we could have connected! I’ll buy you a drink when I get back.

  • Maria Goodman

    Hey Cuz – It’s all so beautiful! Reading your daily blog is like tagging along with you on your adventure. What are the people like? Met anyone tall, dark, and mysterious?

    • Amanda Evans

      Hey Cuz! The people have been nice so far! Plenty of tall, dark, and mysterious! I was in Italy! Now ask if anyone was interested in white, middle-aged, blonde, me…not so much. But I still like your idea of an accent – I’m hanging on to that fantasy!

  • Cindy Darling

    Sounds so relaxing and love hearing the history part of the places you visit! That olive tree is amazing! I hope you dance at the clubs!

  • Laura

    This is the first chance I’ve had to view your blog…I’m so jealous. The places you have been is just amazing to me! Continue to enjoy and I’m looking forward to hearing all about your adventures! Be safe and have fun!

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