Day 17: Sunday in Hampstead

It’s chilly today. I went downstairs and had breakfast and two latte`s. Then Bernardo and Androulla Stella picked me up and took me walking on the Heath. We went to the West Heath which I didn’t even know was there. My colleague, Pat Coccoma and I had walked the larger East Heath in March which covers acres of land. The West Heath has both paved and landscapes areas and areas of wilderness. There’s a section called the Pergola and Hill Garden which you can see in the pictures below.


Bernardo is very knowledgeable about the history of the Heath. He and Androulla have lived here 50 years and he walks some part of the Heath every day. Androulla pointed out various plants along the way – around the Pergola, there are huge sage, rosemary, and oregano plants.  I know plants like I know cars…”oooh isn’t that one pretty?”  Bernardo is full of energy – I think Androulla and I slowed him down! Fascinating people! How kind of them to spend their morning with me! We came back to La Gaffe – I had another latte and Bernardo had an espresso. No wonder he is so full of energy!

My Rainy Day Picnic

By afternoon, the sun was gone and rain looked imminent. I walked down to the High Street and picked up a mini quiche, some cherries, caper berries, and a slice of rhubarb pie for a picnic in my room. It just started to sprinkle when I got back to La Gaffe. I spent the afternoon grazing on my treats, reading and updating my blog. I had the windows open so I could listen to the rain. So incredibly pleasant.

This evening, I stayed in and had a light dinner in the wine bar. I only have 2 more days in London and that makes me sad. Not sure what I’ll do with the time.


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