Cajun country & crawfish

After a quick stop in Tallahassee for my 2nd COVID vaccination, I made my way across the panhandle to south Louisiana. My daughter, Jessie, has lived in this region for 11 years and fosters my appreciation for the history of both the Cajun and Creole cultures found here. It is also crawfish season, and I can eat these little mud bugs several times a week – which I did during my week here 😌

Crawfish anyway I can get them!

Jessie also patiently helped me find some sites that I had on my little list of things to do. I use the Roadside America app to find the more obscure places/things to see on my road trips. Here in Lafayette, LA there was a 13 feet tall Indian in a man’s front yard – not sure why but I had to see it. The Rosa Parks statue is lovely and can be found at the transport center. The hot firefighter is actually a memorial to firefighters who have perished in the line of duty. Not sure about the choice, but who’s judging. If you want to know more about the Roadside America app, you can read more here. And no, I am not sponsored 😎

Going to Louisiana and only visiting New Orleans is like going to Florida, and only visiting Orlando. While New Orleans is a stop I always make, it is wonderful to get out of it where you can understand a culture beyond the commercialism.

Largely because of Jessie’s connections, I always meet fascinating people. During this visit, we had dinner with friends Jason & Kristie. During COVID, Jason has perfected bread making and this evening we sampled 3 different pizzas made with his incredible homemade dough. It was impressive and we had a lot of fun and a lot of laughs. And some of the best pizza I’ve ever had!! Thanks Jason!

During my time in Lafayette, we explored the lovely little town of Grand Coteau, with its Jesuit College and ancient barn, had drinks overlooking several rivers (teches meaning snake, I think), and spent an afternoon at the stunning Atchafalaya basin celebrating a loved one we recently lost. These moments offer peace and a connection to the intangible. They are to be cherished and not taken for granted.

I want to make the time to travel all of the regions of Louisiana, because they vary in both geography and culture. But next I’m off to a single night at a brewery in New Orleans before I head eastward again. Life if amazing.

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