Serendipity and Sugarcreek

The timing of my visit to Sugarcreek, Ohio was purely based on desperation. Several months ago, some issues began with my travel buddy, Ameli@, that required a two thousand mile roundtrip up to her birthplace NüCamp RV in Sugarcreek, Ohio. While not in my initial plan since I will be here again in June, it turned out to be a magical visit.

Steve & Karen’s rig the night before I arrived.

Despite driving through the freak snow storm to get here, I felt my blood pressure lower as I got closer to this charming village. I love it here. The landscape, the hills, my friends both Amish and “English” all provide me with a wonderful sense of belonging. But most serendipitous on this visit was that my dear friends, Steve and Karen Thole were also here. As the temperatures were predicted to drop below freezing (and I am a Floridian), they were armed with RV antifreeze and helped me winterize the camper to protect the pipes from bursting. Hugs to them both! 

The lovely Sarah and Elsie, and dear Steve and Karen.

The amazing folks an NüCamp fixed up Ameli@ as good as new – special shout-out to Austin Jones and his team – they are amazing. In our downtime, we explored the area and no trip to SE Ohio is complete without a trip to Lehman’s for things you didn’t know you needed. Here’s the website and I highly suggest you stop by if in the area!

Once my repairs were complete, I had to dash back to Florida for my 2nd Covid vaccine. I-77 is the only interstate, thus far, that I don’t dread driving as it meanders through the Appalachian mountains. Once in Georgia, I switch to back roads that are equally as pleasant. All in all, time very well spent!

Next, I’m off to south Louisiana to visit one of my daughters, Jessie, and explore that area. Life is amazing. 

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  • Steve+and+Karen

    What a delightful visit we had. A great mixture of exploring together and just hanging out at the campground and comparing notes. We always pick up tips from you to make life on the road easier and more fun.

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