Day 20: Transitions

I have a wonderful life. My work is wonderful, my family is wonderful, and I live the way I want to live. This strikes me often – but especially today when I have to transition from a true “holiday” back to the world that supports me. I was a bit tearful walking from La Gaffe to the Tube station this morning. I had a nice visit with Lorenzo over breakfast – how I will miss his lattes’ – then it was time to leave. It’s never as much fun ending a vacation as it is to begin one. The logistics of leaving London were easy:

  1. Walk from La Gaffe to Hampstead Tube station.
  2. Change lines at Warren St. to Victoria Station
  3. Buy a Gatwick Express ticket and take the train to Gatwick Airport.
  4. Go through security.
  5. Find gate
  6. Board plane

Simple. But endings and beginnings are hard. The ability to create relationships is a skill. The work always lies in sustaining relationships. So with the new acquaintances I have made, how many will sustain and how many will become part of the patchwork of experiences I’ve had through my life? Impossible to know. But isn’t that part of the fun?

The Sunshine Skyway Bridge - my transition place from Europe to Tampa to Ft. Myers

I arrived in Tampa on-time and from touch down, through customs, and into my car only took 30 minutes. I love Tampa Airport. 2 hour drive home, need sleep, but then back to my routine and language that focuses on trauma, human trafficking, and psychopathology. A good vacation takes us out of our regular world, allows us to take a break and just enjoy whatever we are doing so that we can go back and do what we do well.

Mangroves and the Gulf of Mexico - views I have seen all my life and value as well as the immages I have shared in this blog

Thank you for coming along with me on this trip. I have enjoyed sharing my adventures on this blog. I travel solo most of the time; partly due to choice and partly due to where I find myself in space and time. I am never lonely. But I admit it was more special to me knowing that someone else was interested in what I was doing. I began to see my experiences through your eyes and that was very special. I am humbled by the response to this first attempt. If you enter your e-mail, you will be notified if I post anything new. I don’t think they use it for spam or marketing – it’s just for you to not have to keep checking the blog. Who knows where we will go next.

Thanks to my daughter Shannon who encouraged me to do this in the first place – I never would have done it on my own and to my other daughters, Jessie and Mallory who ALWAYS support any wacky plan I come up with. And to Dr. Pat Coccoma who showed me how a blog could be used (and is also a good friend) and to anyone who took time out of your valuable day to share any part of this expereince with me.

See you on the next trip!



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