An Annual Gathering of Tiny Trailers

Every year, since 2017 (well except 2020 but we just write that year off), the NuCamp factory in Sugarcreek, Ohio has hosted a rally for the owners of their tiny trailers. I have been attending since 2016 when it was organized by their former distributor and have been hooked ever since. As a rule, I dislike organized group events. I truly do. However, this event is a gathering of like-minded (in a camping sense) people who are there to learn, share, and enjoy these marvelous campers and I always have a good time. We even have attendees who used to own a T@B, or T@G and missed the group.

On the left is the schedule of events for the week. There is a nice mix of organized events and free time to explore the region. This area in SE Ohio is pastoral and serene with rolling hills and farmlands. For this rally I camped in the campground used for overflow and missed the nightly sound of the Amish passing in their horse-drawn buggies.

In addition to the planned events, there were pop-up events organized by some of the attendees. Gatherings for folks who live in a particular region, musicians who magically produced their instruments and jammed with other talented musicians, and this well organized photo shoot at the giant cuckoo clock in downtown Sugarcreek. Thanks to Pat Wilson’s organizing efforts, 100 or so of us gathered for pictures, then ate and shopped in the village. Pat had encouraged us to wear Hawaiian shirts if we had them – we were definitely colorful 🙂

I spent my whole life in Florida and we have some killer sunsets, but unfailingly, some of the most beautiful have been here in SE Ohio. Even with my iPhone as a camera, the colors are breathtaking and never disappoint. These were taken at the main event campground, Winklepleck, and though I can never do justice to the hundreds of tiny campers gathered here, perhaps you can get a tiny peek into what the event is like.

We all look forward to next year and will be sitting at our computers like teenagers trying to get Taylor Swift concert tickets so we can be part of the group at Winklepleck. Thanks to the amazing folks at NuCamp RV for treating us so well! If you want to know more about these adorable trailers, check out this website. You won’t be sorry.


  • Steve and Karen

    üCamp truly is an amazing gathering every year and for for so many of us it has become a much anticipated reunion of friends. Personally we are so grateful for the opportunity to get to know you at the 2016 rally and begin what has become a treasured friendship. Adventure on!

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