Day 10: Barcelona & the Cruise is Over


Well, the cruise is over. The week flew by and I was off the ship by 8:00 a,m.. I was able to just walk off the ship since I all I have is my carry-on & computer bag. It was a little sad – I had gotten comfortable in my cozy little solo cabin. But I have 3 days in Barcelona!

I grabbed a cab at the port and my poor taxi driver was MISERABLE. I had written down my hotel information, as I was sure I would butcher the pronounciation and made the mistake of asking how he was. I really am that nice, but it’s also one of the few phrases I know in Spanish. He answered, in Spanish, and I gathered from the gestures, tone of voice, and general misery that his answer wasn’t “bueno”. The heavy sighs, head in hands at all stops…additional clues. Poor guy – not sure if it was physical or emotional.

I was able to drop my bags at the hotel but was told through mutual giggles and hand gestures by a nice young lady that my room wouldn’t be available until 3:00 p.m.. I found another coffee shop – and people watched for a bit. But it was Sunday morning – not a whole lot going on. So I bought a ticket to the Hop On/Hop Off bus and rode the two routes. By the time they finished things were opening up. I “hopped off” at the waterfront and wandered down there for a while. Some street performers were there – the were adorable “Microguagua” – a Spanish Reggae band. You can google them – they were fun!


Barcelona got a major shot-in-the-arm when the Olympics were held there in 1992. The waterfront is one of the areas that really benefited. It used to be said that Barcelona “turned it’s back to the sea” – meaning that the closer you were to the water, the lower-income you were. The desirable areas were farther from the “fishing”. When you see the yachts and shopping, obviously that is no longer the case. It’s also very historical. There is a gorgeous customs house there.

The Customs House in Barcelona

After the waterfront, I wandered the side streets of the ancient Gothic Quarter that dates back to medieval times.

Cathedral in the Gothic Quarter

Most things were closed (Sunday) so I want to go back one day before I leave. I had a late lunch before heading back to my hotel. I thought I was ordering potato and cod cakes – instead I got a potato and fish stew. I told you my Spanish was poor. It was really good – so happy accidents.

I am staying at a hotel called Hostel L’Antic Espai. The location is good, the single rates were decent, and it got good reviews on Trip Advisor – which I rely on heavily. It’s an older building FULL of antiques. My room opens up to a terrace full of plants and birds in ornate cages that sing and sing…breakfast is included and will be served out there.

My room with a view

They have also antique wall plates and my adapter won’t fit. So tomorrow, I’ll have to find another one (this will be my 3rd set – electricity in Europe is a bit of a challenge). I’m staying in tonight and reading a book – I’ve finished 3 already and am on my last that I brought with me. And I’m in a Spanish-speaking country. I also REALLY need to do laundry – on disadvantage of only bringing a carry-on bag.

3 weeks and these 2 little bags


  • Cindy Darling

    ok not unpacking! What are we doing today!! Tell Shannon I am Chicos number one fan. Every where we travel in the USA I stop at a Chicos nearest our destination! Obsessed is a word that has been used with the association of Chicos and Cindy! Don’t even get me started on the jewelry!
    I cannot wait til London! I am so excited!

  • Cindy Darling

    Our trip is over? Say it ain’t so! I am also VERY impressed with the 2 suitcase deal. I however do not pack that light, as anyone who has ever traveled with me can attest to.Love that you are wearing Chicos traveler clothes, They are my fave,I have to travel to the US to buy them but so worth it! Well a little sad that the trip is over but oh how much I have learned! Thanks for doing the blog… an outstanding job! and thanks for taking me along!

    • Amanda Evans

      Hi Cindy! The trip isn’t over – just the cruise. WE still have over a week left so don’t unpack yet! Yes – the Chicos this is a hoot. My daughter Shannon works at their corporate site (she’s the Architectural Design Coordinator) so she gets to go into the warehouse and buy samples and cool stuff. So birthday, mother’s day, Christmas, I get these really cool things I would NEVER buy for myself. I’ve never had nice casual clothes until now. I had suits and t-shirts and jeans – no “casual wear”. 🙂 Two more days in Barcelona – then London for a week!

  • stlanyer

    Ms. World Traveler.
    Sounds like neat experiences. Yeah the laundry and electical thing are challenges but cheer up, it’s not permanent.

    I am in Rome with a zillion soccer fans for the World Cup match. Saw several points of interest today. Tomorrow is Pope Benedicts one chance in a lifetime opportunity to meet us!

    • Amanda Evans

      Hola Ms. Other World Traveler,

      Yes the world cup was/is HUGE! The shirt sales in Barcelona have been amazing. Everyone is walking around in them. Yesterday on the bus, we went by the stadium. It”s huge!

      I wish you could pop over to London and hang with me after Rome. I’m sure Lorenzo could find room for you!

      Caio’ Chica! (my Italian and Spanish – is that Spalian?)

  • mal

    your blog is so fantastic, mom!! i can’t wait for you to come home and also tell me all about it! love the pictures so much 🙂 i love/miss you!

  • Amanda Evans

    Hey Debbie! I wanted somthing to get me in the mood for this trip and a series. These are fun little “British Cozies” – M.C. Beaton is the author and they are a series of Agatha Raisin mysteries set in the Cotswolds of England. Agatha is described as a cross between Miss Marple, Lucille Ball, and Auntie Mame. She just a mess and usually her own worst enemy. They are easy reads and simple.

    The 3 weeks with a carry-on is a challenge. There is room for NOTHING else and everything is mix and match. Shannon has given me a ton of Chicos stuff that doesn’t wrinkle and has worked out great. I won’t tell Bob!! I’ve over-packed for Europe – big mistake. One trip to England and Ireland was so bad – a week into it I donated half my stuff and the suitcase to a Hospice “jumble sale”! I’m glad you are “along with me”. Makes it more fun!

  • Debbie Wentzell

    Hi Amanda, I am enjoying your travels tremendously. I am impressed you can travel 3 weeks with only 2 bags. Don’t ever tell Bob this is even remotely possible. Hey, I’m also interested to know what you are reading. I am always looking for a good book. Take Care 🙂

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