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Pandemic lockdown in Scotland is easing and I’m back on the road!

This morning, I picked up my rented camper van, Kryptonite, and headed from Edinburgh up into the Highlands.With the lockdown easing and foreign travel discouraged, many of the UK residents who would normally have gone abroad are going camping instead. As a result, I couldn’t get a site in Inverness until tomorrow. So I drove up into the Cairngorm National Park and found a little village called Carrbridge where I can spend the night.


Overnight friendly!

Carrbridge is a little village with a shop, cafe, petrol station (which is good because I’m on fumes), and a hotel that is currently closed. There was a bakery, but it’s closed as well. However, tiny as it is, Carrbridge boasts the oldest stone bridge in the Highlands. Dating to 1717, the bridge was used for pack horses to cross the Dulnain River and is one of the reasons I wanted to visit. Isn’t it charming?


Oldest stone bridge in the Highlands – circa 1717

I had to be out of my flat early this morning and I hadn’t eaten since about 4 yesterday so I was a bit peckish, as they’d say over here. Like many of us, it feels odd after so many months to be able to go into a place to eat. But the Carrbridge Kitchen is doing it right. Masks on when you enter and sanitize your hands, please. Tables removed so that everyone is spaced 2 meters (just over 6 feet) apart, and staff all masked. The cafe is mostly soup and sandwich stuff but with some twists. I ordered the Chorizo and Black Pudding Burger. If you are not familiar with black pudding, it’s basically a sausage made with blood and a Scottish favorite. I know that sounds gross, but it kind of grows on you and I really like it. It was delicious!

Tomorrow, I only have a short drive up to Inverness where I will stock up and get familiar with this camper before I begin the 516 mile route that is the North Coast 500. I am so excited to no longer be in a flat and back into nature!

Stay safe y’all! I’ll post soon!



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