Settling in to life on Queen Victoria

The staff on the Queen Mary 2 did a stellar job of arranging transfer of both luggage and person for those of us continuing on the world voyage on Queen Victoria. The immigration process had been done onboard and I was in my cabin by lunchtime. Southampton did an amazing job of sending off the two Queens, Mary & Victoria, on their world voyages. Our itineraries are different, but both start right here. One of our Facebook Members created this compilation video that is better than anything I could show you. Thank you Nick!

The link below will take you to a quick YouTube video that shows the band and firework send off from Southampton! If was fantastic. We waved to our sister ship as we passed and wish those on the QM2 bon voyage as they head out to their destinations.

This is the first view of my cabin as I boarded. I am very happy here – tons of room and I love having the window. While not quite Leonardo DiCaprio’s stateroom, this is one of the least expensive cabins on Victoria. I usually choose an inside room (the least expensive:) ), but for a voyage this long, I wanted a view.

I have more on my room but wanted to get this uploaded before I loose this signal. Fingers crossed that will be soon! Thank you for following along y’all!!!


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